THE HIPSTER’S HIP FLASKDecember 18th, 2014


I’m always on the lookout for an attractive water bottle – sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I’ve gone through quite a few disposable bottles in my time, but I think my search for a stylish reusable bottle has come to an end.


Ingeniously designed, the memobottle is a slim lined, reusable water bottle that slides into your laptop bag without leaving a bulge.


Inspired to imitate a piece of paper, this minimalist bottle comes in three convenient and remarkably generous sizes – Letter and A4 (for the thirsty man), and A5 – which I love!

In addition to the sleek design, what appeals to me most is the BPA free material is built to last and it’s built with an environmental conscience! Single-use water bottles are today being disposed of at alarming rates. Studies suggest that 1,500 single-use water bottles are consumed every second in the United States, and only 20% of these are recycled. This invention aims to reduce these figures.

This unique product is a little bit corporate, and a little bit hipster and ticks all my boxes. I will never want for another reusable bottle again!

Images by Tarin Grey

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