Origami Lamp ShadesAugust 13th, 2015


Snowpuppe is a quirky Dutch creative studio based in Den Haag Holland and comprised of Nellianna Van den Baard – an architect who loves to make beautiful things, and Kenneth Veenenbos – a nature loving industrial designer, who together specialise in creating inspiring and quirky paper origami lampshades. The lampshades are folded with utmost precision out of one piece of specialty Butterfly paper.

All the lampshades are made using a mix of industrial production and production by hand. The folding lines are pressed in the paper using a machine, and folding the paper is done by hand.


Paper being a natural material, no single paper is the same. Interestingly how the paper folds depends on the climate of the studio in the Hague. The colder dryer days sometimes halting production as the dry air can make it almost impossible to fold the paper without damaging it.

Mothbicolour- 1

These lampshades have been inspired by organics and nature: moths, chestnuts, butterflies, flowers and woodpeckers. If you squint your eyes you can image a moth hanging – it’s wings gently folded, suspended by the light.


They come in a range of the pastel shades which remind me of a bag of lollies, lovely mint and pink, ice blue, and lavender – coupled with screen printed gradient compositions.


These stunning pieces take a room from what could be a dormant living space into a space of active beauty, where the strong folds play with the light. The lamps give a smooth cosy warm light. They are versatile and can charm a dining room, living room, nursery, hotel or bedroom.


Available in Australia from Paper Empire

Images courtesy of Studio Snowpuppe and Paper Empire


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