OH CHRISTMAS TREE!December 12th, 2014

Blog 2 - Oh Christmas Tree 2

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and for me, the symbol of the Christmas tree epitomises the Christmas period more than anything else. It brings back so many happy memories of being surrounded by family, food, and gift giving, but why a tree?

The origins of the green pine tree symbolising Christmas date back to pagan Roman and Egyptian times. Picked as evergreen trees, it was thought they had magical powers that allowed them to withstand the winter solstice, unlike the deciduous trees and shrubs that hibernated throughout the winter period. It was a symbol of fertility and of life. The sparkling balls and nuts that decorated the tree were representative of the Sun – and the sun god Sol.

Nowadays our Christmas trees come in all shapes, colours and sizes. When I was young we lived on a property in country NSW and we never had a need to buy a tree. More often than not it was a gum tree, sometimes an unusually large pot plant, and on occasion a branch. I always longed for a store bought perfectly symmetrical tree where the angel stood a fair chance of staying on top. I now realise that our trees had character. They were a combined effort by us all to decorate, which resulted in an eclectic mix of new and hand made decorations, giving them a weird and wonderful feel – no less an Australian one, with gum leaves falling around the presents.

As a little ode to the Christmas tree – and the uniqueness of your own, I have created a free printable Christmas card just for you! Just click on the link below.

CHRISTMAS CARD JUST ADD WHITE 2014 (Not for commercial use)

Merry Christmas!

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