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Hello and welcome to Just add white…

Today I would like to introduce you to my blog, and to my website.

When I was in college my lecturer one day said to our class, that we would look back at this period in our lives as one of the most creatively productive and fulfilling times as an artist that we would ever have. He wasn’t wrong.

We would paint away in the studio, surrounded by the smell of oil paint and turps – skipping meals and sometimes sleep, to mix paint, read, listen to music and generally see what would come of the night. Hoping that by morning we would have somehow produced a work of art (or at least enough to pass the subject). Each in our little corner of the studio, we would wander around observing each others work and I would often hear the words uttered – ‘I love it, but just add white’. To me these 3 words bring back vivid memories of paint, creativity and companionship.

Reflecting on this period of my life I often wonder what changed. Why does creativity and playing diminish and die as we get older – why does it have to? Is it social conditioning, inhibition, or just the everyday routine of life that creeps up on us?

I often marvel at my 18 month old’s sheer delight in seeing, tasting and experiencing things for the very first time. Trying new things every single day, she explores and experiments, unafraid of what she might find, learning as she goes. She utilises all her senses and all her energy on experiencing life, and that’s what I want to bring to the table.

I want to bring back enthusiasm for creativity, for experimentation, for lateral thinking, beautiful design, craftsmanship and imagination, and incorporate it into YOUR everyday. I believe a life lived with creativity is a life better lived.

I know the feeling I have when I see a painting I like for the very first time. The feeling of being consumed by its mysteries of composition, colour and shape, and wanting to somehow stay in that pleasurable moment. Like a book you read and remember for days afterward – wishing you were back in those pages, lost in the realms of a made up world. This type of sensory imagination – the catalyst for creativity, is what enriches our lives and every experience we have, and what I want to capture and bring right here.

To ignite our imaginations we must be affected by what we see. To notice things we otherwise would not have – colours, lines, light, the paint in the painting and the designer behind the design, people and feelings – yours and others, the beauty of imperfection in a face and the nature of the person who owns it. These observations initiate our experiences to be more creative. Just add white, this is what life’s about…

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    so well written, just beautiful x

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